the shopname list are actualized according to the latest thread on Etsy from 05/24/2010.

I'm reorganizing the country list, as the lists on the map are getting longer and longer and unfortunately GoogleMap started to crop the Italian list. It'll take time, but meanwhile this link will redirect you to the EST GoogleMap (new members won't be added there, but they'll be in the future country list). Thank you for your patience!

I've combined the twitter list (which is now deleted) with the blog/website list into one link list.

The system of applying a shop stays the same against my previous post (it didn't work the way I thought it would..).
Devi aka glasfaden

Mirthquake has set up a new GoogleMap for us, where we can see the shops in their origin place.
Please contact her with these info, if you want to be added in that map:
Shopaddress in words(not the html code)
City and country
A link to a picture we will use as thumbnail.

kraplap is now on board as our second admin. We have split the jobs. From now on she will be the one, who will add new shops into category, material and target pages. She already did a great job - congrats and thanks! I will take care of the country, shop name and blog/website lists. Thanks also to staroftheeast on checking for empty shops. Since we want to show people, that we are an active group, empty shops will be removed from the lists. But they can of course contact us any time to be added again.

To all EST-members:
Please follow the rules to be added in this list. If you have questions, please convo me. Thank you!