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It seems, that my method before was way to complicated. So I thought, I'd better change it and make it easier for us :)

1. This list is for member of European Street Team only. My reference is the EST team list and also the threads on Etsy. So, if you are not in one of our list (or if your shop is still empty), you won't be added - sorry! Please contact Jealousydesign first to be listed as a member.

2. Please look at all criterias/sections we have in EST shop catalog, since it's different than those on Etsy!

  • Accesories & Jewelry
  • Bags & Purses
  • Bath & Beauty
  • Books & Paper Goods
  • Lingerie & Clothing
  • Home & Office
  • Music
  • Pattern & Supply
  • Toys & Collectibles

  • Color & Light (this one was meant for Painter/Illustrator & Photograph ;))
  • Clay
  • Fibers & Fabrics
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Polymer & Synthetics
  • Sea Finds
  • Stone
  • Wood

I have add these as tags for Target: female, male, women, men, adult, girl, boy, teenager, children, baby, pet. So, if you e.g. choose women, teenager boys and baby girls for your shop, it could be found if somebody searches using these tags: women, female, adult, teenager, baby, girl, boy!

  • Women
  • Men
  • Teenager Girls
  • Teenager Boys
  • Children Girls
  • Children Boys
  • Baby Girls
  • Baby Boys
  • Pet

3. Choose maximal 3 subsections each (if you put more than 3, I'll add 3 only)!

4. Write a comment here like this (please replace the red words with your own, if needed - double-click it with your left-mouse-button, and it'll be marked):

how to find your ID: go to your profile and copy the number that is shown in the link address OR with the mouse over the shop name under an item of your shop, right mouse click and copy the link, go somewhere in a text box, paste and delete the rest of the text in front of the ID. (with uppercase and lowercase if needed, but without space inbetween or your link will not work!!)
Blog address and/or Website
Twitter address
Category: SubCategory1, SubCategory2, SubCategory3
Material: SubMaterial1, SubMaterial2, SubMaterial3
Target Audience: SubTarget1, SubTarget2, SubTarget3

Here's an example of a comment:

Category: Clothing, Toys
Material: Fibers
Target: teenager girls, children girls, baby girls

If you have already an entry in the shop catalog, but you either want to change or add an information, please let us know your shop name and the change/add you desire.

Thank you!!